octavia: senior.

I'm pretty sure I lost count of how many times I told Octavia she was gorgeous during our session last Sunday. I couldn't help myself. She is just so, so beautiful. And if I think of how I looked when I got my senior photos taken, well, then it just becomes completely unfair.

 Now Octavia isn't only beautiful, but she is athletic and dreams of one day becoming a doctor! Watch out world. This girl has it all.

I've worked with Octavia's mom, Serena, for the past three years, and I love her dearly. She's one of those coworkers who just gets it, and I know I couldn't do the crazy job of teaching middle schoolers without her! 

It was so fun to spend the evening with both of these amazing women. From spiders and tall grass, to stepping stones and waterfalls, to the track and bleachers, I hope you both enjoyed our time together as much as I did.

I must say, Octavia, your future looks very bright.