finnley james: newborn.

I'm not sure of the exact specifics of how I met Kendra, but I know it had something to do with blogging. Both of us were avid bloggers a few moons ago, and we connected through writing, photography, some mutual friends, and the great state of Oklahoma. 

Kendra and her husband Ryan just had their first baby girl Finnley a few weeks ago, and she is completely precious. When I came this week to meet her for the first time and take hundreds of photos of her, she was happy and sleepy the whole time. And I must say, for being first time parents, Kendra and Ryan are dominating. I loved spending the morning with them.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention their first baby, Zia. Granted, she is a dog, but she wanted to be included in the photos just as much as anyone else. She wasn't about to let anyone steal the spotlight. 

Finnley, you are so lucky to join such a wonderful family. I know they are just over the moon to have you.