the vardals: newborn and family.

This is the third time I've had the honor and privilege of photographing the Vardal family. First, for their engagement, second, after their first son was born, and now after their second son was born. Few things are better than a family who trusts me to document their lives over the years.

Callie and Dean are superheroes for parenting in the "two under two" category IN THE MIDDLE OF MOVING HOUSES. I think that just might qualify them for a certain level of sainthood, and after spending the afternoon with them, I definitely think they qualify. 

It was wonderful to see them again, along with Alex who I had seen last when he was just a baby, Xena, the lovable pup who always steals the show, and their newest addition Will who was so good and slept for most of the time I was there. Life for the Vardals is full and all the best kinds of crazy.

Thank you again for welcoming me into your home. The pleasure was all mine.