mary and chris: engagement.

My friendship with Mary was forged in the fires of the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise. We have spent many hours together in front of the television with partially covered faces, just waiting to see how the dumpster fire of a show will pan out. It's admittedly a guilty pleasure, but we can't help ourselves.  

Now over the years, I've come to know and love Mary for much more than our mutual obsession with the Bachelor. Mary is a person who just makes you feel good. Every time we are together, I leave feeling encouraged and loved. She always seems to know what to say to make me feel known and appreciated, so clearly she's very easy to love. Enter Chris: her equally as kind and wonderful fiancee. You couldn't put two nicer people together if you tried.

A few months ago they got engaged, and we had the best time a couple weeks ago walking around downtown Denver to document this exciting time in their lives. They are getting married next summer in the mountains, so they wanted these photos to be in the city they love so much.

Mary and Chris, I just adore both of you. Thank you for spending your evening with me. I love being a small part of the story you two are creating together.