the stocktons: family.

I don't remember exactly when I first met Jenny, but I do know that she's the type of person you like instantly. She's authentic, kind, funny, and just so easy to be around. She's the real deal.

She recently added another superpower to her list of talents, and it's called "being the mom of two humans." I'm over here barely getting by with one, and she went off and had a second. 

Jenny and her husband Dan welcomed their second little one, Naomi, a couple of weeks ago, and she is perfect. Big brother Abe is taking his new role and like a champ and is already her biggest fan. He's also super adorable. 

I loved spending last Saturday morning at their place. It's not easy to have a toddler and newborn, and Dan and Jenny are doing such a good job. They really make it look easy, although I know it's anything but that. 

Thank you Stocktons for inviting me into your home and not letting me leave empty handed (I got two new books to help me get out of my current reading slump). I hope you these photos remind you of this magical time of sleep deprivation and a whole lot of love.