the wetterlings: family.

It must be said, I absolutely and positively adore this family. The Wetterlings are as good as they come.

For the last 3 years, I have had the honor of photographing them, and it means the world to me when a family invites me back into their lives year after year.

The photo session this year did not exactly go as planned. Frigid temps, intense wind, and a 2 year old don't always play nice together. Finn wasn't really having it and decided being in the warm car was a much better option then enduring the ridiculous weather. 

After the session was over, Trish and I talked about maybe doing a round 2 and trying to get some more photos, but at the end of the day, she decided the pictures we got were perfect and no more were needed. 

Family photos are not about perfect smiles, ideal temperatures, and coordinating outfits.

They are about showing the love that binds people together. They are about documenting a time in our lives that is special and valuable, albeit fleeting. They are about the memories we create when we show up and choose to be exactly who we are.

Wetterlings, I know this year has been hard and maybe Finn wasn't too keen on giving a perfect smile, but I think these photos are perfect. Your family is strong and kind and beautiful, and I am so thankful that year after year you invite me to be a part of the legacy you are creating.