colorado teen therapy: business.

I live and breathe middle school. Some days it's hilarious. Some days it's maddening. Some days it's confusing. But believe me, it's never, ever boring.

With all the feelings and emotion running rampant down the halls of our middle school, I am so thankful for amazing counselors who support our students in ways that I never could. Enter Cheryl Somers, school counselor extraordinaire. I've had the privilege of working with Cheryl for the past few years, and she is amazing. She is so amazing that not only does she work with the students at our school, but she also started her own practice (Colorado Teen Therapy) to continue to work with teens outside of school hours. 

She was interested in having some new photos taken for her website, so she organized a wonderful group of teens to meet me downtown for a fun afternoon photo shoot. They were so fun to work with and pulled out their inner models instantly. I think their personalities shine through in these fun, colorful photos.

If you live in Denver, have a teen or are a teen yourself, take my advice and contact Cheryl immediately. She knows what she's doing, and you will not be disappointed.