chase avery: newborn.

2015 is well under way, and i am happy to report that my first photo shoot of the new year included such a beautiful baby girl: miss chase avery.

i've known her mom brynja since i moved to colorado (she was gracious enough to let me move in with her and my sister when i didn't have anywhere to stay), and i was so happy to be able to capture such an exciting time in their family.

chase wasn't sure about the situation and was awake and alert for a lot of the time. she knew something was going on, and she definitely didn't want to miss out. the trusty baby rocker lulled her to sleep for a little while though. and awake or asleep she is just the perfect baby.

thank you brynja and jason for inviting me into your home and letting me spend the morning with you. i have never seen a cuter sock monkey in all my life.