the johnsons: family.

i first met becca all the way back in my college days, when i was her RA, and i've thought she was just the best ever since. not only is she beautiful, not only is she an incredible artist, but she's also a super smart geologist. i know, it's really not fair. 

i was thrilled when she moved to golden a few years ago, so we've been able to stay in touch since our college days. catching up over happy hours is our favorite past time. we're basically pros at this point.

so of course, i was more than happy to oblige when she asked me to take some photos of her and her boyfriend matt and her wonderful family when everyone was in town for christmas. we endured the cold temps together, but her family is so wonderful and completely hilarious that i was laughing the entire time and barely noticed that i was losing feeling in my fingers and toes.

she picked a beautiful setting in golden, and i think sacrificing our warmth for a little while (and wrangling three dogs) was totally worth it. enjoy!