the heywoods: newborn.

Introducing baby Grant! A few weeks ago I got the chance to meet this little guy and his parents, Ellen and Ron at their beautiful home in City Park. 

Although he normally sleeps his days away, the Sunday afternoon I was there, Grant was much more keen on staying awake and not missing out on a single thing. Ellen, Ron, and I worked so hard to get him to fall asleep and finally succeeded toward the very end of the session.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this sweet family. There's something so special about first time parents, brand new nurseries, and sweeter than sweet newborns. The newness, joy, and sleep deprivation makes it that much more special.

Thank you Ron and for welcoming me into your home. I loved getting to know you both while we tried to get Grant to sleep, and I hope you love these photos as much as I do. His big brother's appearances are some of my favorites.