the towles: business.

bravery can take a lot of forms, and if you look carefully you can find it in the lives of some of those closest to you. 

my friend luke is a perfect example of courage and the importance of pursuing a dream, even when you're not sure of the outcome. he recently decided to run for city council in his community. it may seem like a small undertaking, but i think it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there to achieve a dream. many years ago, luke made it a personal goal to run and serve in public office. and now, he's working toward that reality. 

i'm thankful to play a small part in this process by taking some photos for his new website. i never thought i would get a chance to photograph my own version of the marlboro man (ha!). 

if you live in greenwood village, colorado, vote for luke towle! we could have a presidential candidate on our hands.