former future beer and cookie pairing: event.

it's no secret that i love former future. i may be a bit biased since my friends are the owners, but even if they weren't i'm fairly certain i would still have a special place in my heart for this place. their beer is always delicious, and any spot that includes an airplane wing in the decor is a place i want to be. oh, and they always think up great events.

this past wednesday, they had their first annual beer and cookie pairing event and invited me to take some photos of the fun. the place was packed and there were even a good assortment of ugly christmas sweaters to go around.

another successful event in the books my friends.

enjoy my recap of the goodness.

baby halloween party: event.

although it's been over a month since halloween, i just couldn't resist posting these photos of some absolutely adorable babies today. my friend ann had a party for all the new moms and babies in their neighborhood this past halloween and asked me to snap a few photos.

it was just too much. i think you'll agree, these babies are the cutest.

and their faces in the group photo are pretty much the best. i hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i enjoyed taking them! 

denver museum of contemporary art: event.

it just needs to be said: this event was totally my jam. from the bright colors, to amazing city views, to reflective glass and mirrors, delicious food, and wonderful people, i was loving every minute of my time photographing the MCA denver heart club social event last week.

MCA hosts events like this for the members of the museum frequently. there was great music, a candy bar, cocktails, and hors d'oeuvres. it's obvious they take care of their members.

thank you so much MCA denver for allowing me to photograph this wonderful event. 

i have a feeling i'll be spending more time at your amazing space very soon.

noah and lila turn one: family

one year ago, i was holding noah and lila in the nicu. i watched the machines monitor their breathing and saw all the cords and tubes connected to their little bodies. they were so small and fragile, but they were little fighters too.

i think that's why it was so special for me to be able to photograph their first birthday. they are so strong and healthy now and have some of the most expressive little faces you've ever seen. their time in the nicu is only a small part of their story, and we are all so thankful.

we celebrated them on sunday with a safari themed party, burgers on the grill, a quick torrential rain storm, and a pretty epic first cake eating experience {lila wasn't exactly a fan}. sam and becky, their parents, are two of my favorite people, and I'm so glad i could be a part of the celebration.