the marshalls: family.

I first met Erick and Bry last fall when I photographed their family and two adorable pups. I loved them instantly, so when Bry asked if I would take photos of Eric's siblings and their families, I couldn't say yes fast enough.

Little did I know this family shoot would soon become an engagement shoot when Erick proposed to Bry at the end of the session (Eric told me his plans as I was pulling into the parking lot. I was the only one who knew, so I had to keep it together, even though internally I was losing it...obviously!) 

I cannot adequately express how lucky I feel to have been a small part of this monumental day. It was beautiful from start to finish (not even the strongest of winds could stop us). The love and support was palpable that afternoon, and I loved getting a front row seat.  

Eric and Bry, the best is truly yet to come.