the rays: family.

Every time I photograph this family, I think "they make my job too easy," and it's true. Hattie and Austin are completely adorable, it's kind of unfair, and Ann and Tyler are so easy going and are great parents for these little girls. 

I love that Ann and Tyler always choose to have me photograph them at home. We are in their element (their home, neighborhood sidewalks, front porch swings, and sandboxes). I love freezing this extremely special and yet fleeting time in their lives with the places and people that mean the very most. That is the power of photography after all. 

Thank you again, Ann, Tyler, Hattie, and Austin for being such a wonderful family and some of my favorite people to photograph. I can't wait for all the porch swing pictures yet to come.

Ray-Collier Family33.jpg
Ray-Collier Family38.jpg