abigail sremba: family.

This is my niece Abigail's second time on the blog. Mostly because she's a pretty big deal, and at 3 1/2 months old, she is already winning hearts and taking names. We all adore her.

Last weekend, I went over to her house to take some photos of her and her parents. She thankfully obliged all our demands, and seemed to enjoy another opportunity to practice her modeling skills. 

She loved the sound of the camera and made sure to make eye contact with it in just about every photo. With me as her aunt and her dad who is an amazing photographer around, it's a good thing she doesn't seem to mind the camera in her face at every turn.

I'm so thankful that Nick and I get to figure out this whole parenting gig with Matt and Leighann in the exact same boat. We've already decided that Nora and Abigail will definitely be partners in crime (only good crime though, of course:)