the srembas: family.

It's been quite a summer to say the least. Not only did we have miss Nora at the end of June, but Nick's sister Leighann and her husband Matt welcomed their own baby girl, our niece Abigail, in mid July.

. These two little girls have turned our worlds upside down in just about every way possible, and it's so great to have family who understands all the highs and lows of life with a newborn. And now Nora and Abigail have a built in friend for life! We really couldn't have planned it any better.

Matt's family came into town to meet Abigail and with everyone together, it was the perfect time for family photos. We went out to Golden and endured a little bit of wind and rain, but I think it was well worth it.

It's clear that everyone adores Abigail, and I know she's going to adore them all right back.