jonathan and kandyce: family.

when i think of world travels, and delicious baked goods, and refugees, and ridiculous levels of intelligence, and wooden shoes, i think of jonathan and kandyce. we have known the two of them for the past few years, and they are some of our favorites. kandyce works tirelessly with refugees and is so amazingly creative, and jonathan is working toward his doctorate (!) and loves to talk nerdy movies with nick. we are a couple match made in heaven. 

of course, when kandyce asked if i would take some pictures for them, i was all in. but i was especially all in when she proposed the idea of throwing powder colors at each other during the session (oh, did i mention they also lived in india and have made it their mission to bring the festivities of holi to denver- with a tremendous amount of help from their hindu friends of course. hence, the powder colors). 

we had an absolute blast (well, they clearly did and i loved watching them have a blast) and then we finished the evening with dinner and chats around the fire. it was perfect all around.

not only do these two know how to throw colors at each other, but it's pretty clear they are completely in love. enjoy my most colorful (and one of my favorite) sessions to date.

"love was a feeling completely bound up with color, like thousands of rainbows superimposed on top of the other." -paulo coelho