the kellys: family.

I love getting the chance to photograph my coworkers, meet their families, and spend some time together outside the daily grind of middle school life. Although commiserating in the teacher's lounge has it's advantages, it's just not the same as spending time together in the light of day.

Colleen is a science teacher at my school, and we met for family photos in Golden a couple of weeks ago with her husband Bryan, two ridiculously cute children McKenna and Jack, and their well-behaved and oh so sweet pup Ruby. 

With a little bit of Halloween candy as backup and some fun chickens to look at, I'd say we did well for ourselves. McKenna made sure to let us know when Jack wasn't cooperating, Jack moved to the beat of his own drum, and Colleen and Bryan were so laid back, it made my job easy. 

Thank you Kelly family for spending your Sunday evening with me, hanging out on rocks, keeping Ruby out of the water, looking at chickens, and doling out Halloween candy.

The pleasure was all mine.