the groettums: family.

i first met lindsey and andy almost six years ago when i started my first teaching job in denver. lindsey and i were both wide eyed and terrified first year teachers at the same school, and since andy was a seasoned pro at that point (he also taught in the same district but at another school), he gave us some pointers and helped calm our nerves. i'll always remember sitting on their porch with lindsey at the beginning of the school year, trying desperately to make lesson plans and reassure each other that everything was going to be just fine.

now lindsey and andy have experienced their fair share of joys and sorrows over these past six years, with the biggest joy of all being their son calvin. he is a busy and energetic almost 2 year old with beautiful blue eyes and an adorable smile. up until a couple of weeks ago, he had to have oxygen all day, every day (you can read more about their story here), and only a few days before our photo shoot the doctors told them he would only have to use the oxygen at night. this was beyond amazing news for their family, and i am honored to have photographed calvin oxygen free, even if it meant running around city park with my camera trying to catch up with him. 

i loved spending the afternoon catching up with the groettums and photographing their beautiful family, and i can't wait to see all the great things their future has in store.