the zuerchers: family.

i first met nancy through my friend kari a couple of years ago when i got invited to a wonderful girls club where we shared a meal and products we were loving at the time. i've always thought nancy was so wonderful and had such a beautiful family, so i was thrilled when she asked me to take their family photos for this year.

i was extra thrilled when she said that they wanted to change it up and do something different. i knew that larimer street in rhino would be the perfect location because of it's interesting murals and urban feel. 

so this saturday we headed out and explored together. their boys, charlie and emmett, loved searching for "treasures," so i frequently overheard things like, "don't pick up that broken glass," and "leave the rusty nail," and "put down that liquor bottle." it was truly city life at its finest. 

i had a wonderful time spending the morning with the zuerchers, and i hope these photographs will be memories they can cherish for years to come.