justin and marcy: engagement.

i had a wonderful time at the cherry creek reservoir this past weekend with justin and marcy, a midwestern couple transplanted to colorado, with beautiful smiles and a perfect sense of humor. after spending some time chatting, i found out they both grew up in the same town in iowa (same school, church, etc), but didn't meet until after they both ended up moving to denver. i loved hearing some of their story.

they are getting married back in iowa in february, and i know they will have a beautiful wedding and even better marriage. their love for each other was obvious as we spent the morning together, and i wish them nothing but the very best.

josh and kalyn: engagement.

josh and kalyn just might be the sweetest couple out there. they have midwestern roots and hearts of gold, and i feel so lucky to have been the one to capture their love.

we first met josh and kalyn at church a few years ago and have loved getting to know them more over the years. kalyn is a nurse and josh is an editor/writer (read his blog here), and when my husband and i were talking about them after our session last weekend, we decided they are 
"the good ones." they love each other well, are so easy to spend time with, and always have the sweetest smiles on their faces. oh, and it helps that josh and nick can talk about football for hours.

we spent the evening together at city park and confluence park in the company of the changing fall leaves. we ended the evening with pizza downtown, and i couldn't have asked for a better session.

these two are planning their wedding for the end of june at a beautiful spot in evergreen, and i have no doubt that it will be absolutely gorgeous.

enjoy some of my favorites from our evening together.

mark and gina: engagement.

mark and gina made my job too easy last weekend when i took their engagement photos a few hours before sunset in golden.

not only are they completely gorgeous, but their love for each other shines through in every photo. we had a great time together, laughed a lot, and they even kept me updated on the broncos game. 

i have no doubt that their wedding and marriage will be an amazing journey, and i'm happy i could have a very small part of it.

enjoy some of my favorites from our time together. 

dean and callie: engagement.

it was so great to meet dean, callie, and their adorable pup xena last sunday afternoon. as a dog lover myself, i loved the chance to photograph them with the third member of their family. at one point, i was photographing the two of them, while holding xena's leash and getting smothered in dog kisses. it was the best.

we started in city park and made our way to downtown right before sunset. i loved the chance to meet the two of them, and i know they are going to have a beautiful wedding and life together!