a few months ago, our friends james and sarah asked us if we would want to join them on a trip to iceland. for us, the choice was pretty obvious. tickets were ridiculously cheap, our bosses gave us the a-ok, and we didn't have any other plans for the first week of march.

we booked our tickets and didn't look back.

now contrary to my typical type A personality, we showed up at the airport with our bags packed and no semblance of any plan for once we got there. james and sarah had been there a week before we arrived, so we trusted they would be good tour guides. they definitely did not disappoint.

sarah had booked a perfect cabin for us to stay in, situated in the middle of a forest preserve and on top of a hill with the most gorgeous view. climbing the hill was sometimes treacherous (crazy strong winds, knee deep snow, etc), but we generally made it to the top in one piece.

i just can't say enough about how great of a time we had. iceland is just ridiculously gorgeous, otherworldly even. we put a lot of miles on the rental car, driving from the city to our cabin and then out to explore. i think the photos speak volumes of the beauty we witnessed.

i feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to see more of the world. i know it's a complete luxury, and i won't soon forget the sights and sounds of iceland (also the extreme fear i felt while driving in a country with the craziest weather i've ever experienced will probably stay with me awhile as well).

"the world is a book, and those who don't travel only read a page." -augustine of hippo